One of our talented artists will walk you step by step,

through a work of art that you get to hang on your ­own wall at the end of the night. There's no experience needed just sit, relax, and paint. 

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What are Sip & Dip Painting Parties?

Our Vision

Bringing Art 66 Studio

We at Art 66 Studio have been exposed to living life  on the Rio Grande. With big issues that surround us every single day of our lives, and culture which has begun to fade. Art 66 Studio is a way for local artists to employ themselves, while giving back to their community by providing positive reinforcement through opportunity. It is a safe haven for all artists.

Weslaco Texas  has begun to evolve in its culture by combining old & new to reinforce a positive environment for our community, while also providing employment for local artists.​

Juan Jose “J.J.” Ballí Jr., or Jay as his friends and family refer to him, sketched a glass of wine on Wednesday in a matter of seconds. It wasn’t as though the 24-year-old was careless with his work, but confident in his demonstration of what his new endeavor promotes.

Serenity breeds creativity.

Enter Sip & Dip Painting, Jay’s quarterly event that encourages attendees to bring some wine, snacks and their imagination to a blank canvas.

“It’s just somewhere you can go and paint and relax, plain and simple,” he said. “There’s nothing to it and no experience needed. All you need is to bring your own glass of wine and your own photo to continue story.

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